Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sprung cleaning

Oh and also the wonderous Kerry at Hello Monkey has sring sleaned my webiste and it now has lovely new gallery photos and all sorts

Blossom on the trees, you know how I feel

And hello to you floral friends. HOW nice is it to have some sunshine!? Very nice. The garden is zooming along headlong to summer. My cutting patch is looking sadly bare because I am suffering from a horrendous bind weed and creeping buttercup situation, which must be DEALT WITH before I plant out any tender innocent seedlings.

Here are some pictures from the jaunty wedding fair I did at The Pines Calyx a few weekends ago. I was lucky enough (as I usually am) to be next to the amazing treats provided by Chives caterers. Now, I have eaten a lot of wedding food over the years and let me tell you these guys are GOOD. Anyway. This isn't a food blog, so on with the flowers.

So I had some amazing English stock in a sweetie jar which smelt of heaven, and a large arrangement of cherry blossom, delphiniums and green bells, narcissi, anemones, muscari, daffodils, lots of amazingly fragrant daphne (which isn't much to look at but is probably the best smell in the world) and some very seet tiny orchids which i thought might make great place card holders, or lovely favors?