Monday, 31 August 2009


No photos today, just a suggestion that you try this at your wedding. It certainly beats 'here comes the bride'.

Monday, 24 August 2009

The sun will come out...tomorrow

I don't know about you but I'm feeling all autumnal. Maybe it's the changing light in the evenings, or the colours of the flowers, the hedgerows full of berries and rosehips, the slight chill to the evening breeze, or the TOTAL COMPLETE LACK OF ANY SORT OF SUMMER WHATSOEVER. Thanks Met office, for raising our hopes, and then dashing them on the...cruel shore of...fact? Anway. Just as I gave myself totally over to autumn, started making jam like a loon, bought some new wellies (totally awesome, there will be pictures) and generally started setting store for winter, the blistering sun has come out. Too late sun. Too late...

So here are some photos to show that the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is spilling over into the colour scheme of my flower arrangements. Some lovely little centrepieces for a late summer/early autumn wedding.

In other flowery news I got an absolutely lovely letter from the gorgeous Emma, whose wedding I did at the end of July (wow time has flown!) saying lots of nice thing about Rebecca Frere Flowers, so I thought I'd toot the auld horn and put it up here for all to see, toot toot:

Dear Rebecca,

I just wanted to say thank you for the flowers you provided for our wedding on Saturday 25th of July. The flowers were exactly what I wanted and the centrepieces were stunning. The guests were especially happy when we played a game with them that meant the winners would take home the vases; guests were fighting over them!

I was so pleased with the service I received, and it makes such a difference to have a friendly and helpful person such as you to assist the bride through such a hectic time!

Kind regards, Emma.

Hooray! She was really kind and enclosed a stunning photo of herself and her lovely bridesmaids with their flowers, which sadly I can't reproduce here, so I've put up a photo of the fab (though willful, as I believe I mentioned) gerberas she chose as her wedding flowers. Somehow a mass of ivory gerberas manage to be chic, simple and cool all at the same time, which is quite a feat for one flower. Emma's idea of giving the away the centrepieces as presents (or prizes, in her case, which sounds like fun!) is really great, because it means no wasted flowers, less money spent on thank you presents, and lots of people getting to enjoy the flowers for days and days, rather than just a few hours at a reception. Eco friendly, budget conscious. Brilliant.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

1001 ways with a teapot

The garden is literally groaning under the weight of all the lovely flowers at the moment, so much so that I'm actually running out of containers to put them in. Above you see the rather sweet results, since I have resorted to teapots and biscuit tins. I think this sort of thing looks great as a centrepiece for an informal, or sort of bohemian, wedding.

Pinky and Perky

Some more photos of last weekend's wedding, since you can never have too much pink, or so they say. A mixture of pink wildflowers, waxflower, eucalyptus, Majolika spray roses and...I think the rose is called Heaven, I can't remember now! Agh how quickly the wedding season turns one's brain to porridge...