Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wedding me!

I have been unbelievably remiss about putting up some of the stunning photos which the fantastic Simon at Lockeyear Photography was kind enough to email me during the summer. It's so wonderful to get some professional photos of weddings, since my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. Simon and I got chatting whilst I set up the wedding flowers and he took photos of the build up to the ceremony. He really put everyone at their ease in the stressful last few moments while annoying florists buzzed about, waiters polished glasses, the band set up and the pressure was on! It's great to have a photographer who isn't intrusive, but instead subtly captures the great moments of your day. After all, it's your wedding day, not a photo shoot! Check out his lovely photos, and then check out his fab website

Happy days are here again

Greetings all. Just a little post with a lovely photo and some kind words from the wonderful Julie. Look at her amazing wedding dress! She had a sweet bouquet of garden flowers with lots of delicious scented herbs in, and she's just sent me this lovely note:

"I had the most wonderful wedding, the day was absolutely brilliant and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful bouquets that you created for Jessica and myself. They were just exquisite and complimented our dresses perfectly. Everybody commented on them and I have enclosed a photo of Terry and myself with my bouquet taking pride of place! Thankyou again, you are a star!"