Friday, 26 June 2009

Hello Blogettes! This month you can find Rebecca Frere Flowers featured in none other than that prestigious publication, Kent Life Magazine. RUN from your houses to buy a copy, or just click on the link! It's a lovely feature about growing cut flowers, featuring all sorts of like minded persons and great contacts for people looking for a more natural way to do things. I will overlook the fact that they have included large photos of everyone involved APART from me and only hide my head in a bag for a few days.

A lucky local lady down the road has a very romantic husband. He's had to go away on business for three whole months, and has arranged, every Friday, for a bouquet and a card to be left secretly on her doorstep, as if from the fairies. Luckily I live so close I can just pedal down there on my bike with the bouquet in the basket. Sadly my bike, whilst being an object of great antique beauty, is designed for Edwardian ladies wearing bloomers, petticoats and all manner of rustling skirts, and so, unfortunately, does not go uphill or round corners.

In other news, the lovely Fiona, a new Bride-on-the-Books, or 'Bob', as I have just this minute decided to call new clients, has introduced me to three AMAZING websites which, I think it's safe to say, I am now totally obsessed with. All three are beautiful, unique, inspirational, and American, which I think might say something about the somewhat staid, cookie-cutter nature of a lot of British weddings. Is it just me, or are so many weddings these days identical? Anyway, Style Me Pretty (ignore hideously twee name) Once Wed and Saipua are all amazing websites for inspiration on how to make a wedding beautiful, individual, and budget friendly!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Summer flowers

On the windowsill
Buckets of Delphiniums

Mock up of little centrepieces for wedding
A very special flower in the garden

The Secret Life of Flowers

So this is what happens when you buy a bouquet on the interweb from "Cheep Bowket FlowErz"

And below is the lifecycle of a bouquet from ME!

Flowers from the garden get picked...

Turned into an attractive bouquet...

Once wilted, get collected...

And put on the compost pile...

Where they become lovely compost to dig into the soil to help new flowers grow...

Helped on with rain water collected in waterbutts...

So that new flowers can make new bouquets!

Now isn't that a nicer story?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Salad days

The cutting garden is now completely re...well, I was going to say 'designed' but that sounds a bit too Chelsea flower show. I have no water features, just compost bins made out of pallets from a builders yard. No yew -edged walkways but I am half way through making a nice sort of herringbone path through the flowers (have run out of bricks). No pergolas but the greenhouse needs repainting. The door to the shed doesn't shut unless you wedge it in with an old chimney pot. The top to the slug pellet bottle fell off mid sprinkle so now there is a mound of blue pellets at the top of one bed. In short, I don't think Country Living is going to be featuring me any time soon. But the good thing about plants is that they don't mind. They'll grow in cracks in supermarket car parks. They flourish down dank alleys that people are too scared to walk down. So they are all very happy growing in my newly dug, well manured but 'sculptural focal point' free cutting patch. Hooray for them. Here are a few photos of the garden (will take some of the cutting garden once it is in full bloom and not looking quite so new and unsure of itself) and the back of my car as I trundle off to a wedding. Enjoy. Comment. Faint in disbelief and repulsion.